Healthy Movement at Work Webinar

Join us this Wednesday, September 4 at noon at

The speaker would like to some input from you before the webinar. Please email her at and tell her:

  • If you have done tai chi, yoga, pilates or meditation
  • What you would like to learn at the webinar
  • If you’re interested in particular areas such as shoulders, neck, back, feet/ankles, or hands/fingers.

marshallHealthy Movement at Work
Most of us spend a lot of time sitting at desks using computers, so how do we find opportunities for healthy movement? Joanne Marshall will share a series of simple practices and movements based on her experience as a yoga and tai chi teacher that can help us stay healthier at work. Mind/body practices such as yoga and tai chi have been shown to reduce stress and increase flexibility and strength. They can also improve focus and concentration and  promote a sense of balance and wellbeing. Fortunately, some of the most helpful movements in a full yoga or tai chi class can be adapted for practice during brief work breaks or in a chair. Joanne will provide a brief overview of the evidence for the benefits of yoga and tai chi and discuss the purpose of each of the recommended practices and movements. We will also have an opportunity to try out the movements together. There will be time for questions and discussion. A handout will be provided.

Joanne Gard Marshall is a professor in the School of Information and Library Science and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has also taught yoga and tai chi for over 10 years in the UNC Group Fitness Program, the YMCA and the university art museum. Joanne was a medical librarian before completing her PhD in public health. She has had a long term interest in health information seeking and use and has done research on both the value of library and information services and workforce issues in library and information science. Joanne has personally benefitted from her own yoga and tai chi practice and teaching and she is enthusiastic about sharing these health promoting movements with others.


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