New website links from Dr. Wansink

Our Kick Off events went well and we all learned how we eat mindlessly and how to avoid it. We now have over 100 participants in the Healthy Libraries, Healthy Communities project and all of you can view the presentation at your convenience. Dr. Wansink was a charismatic and informed speaker and he shared some relevant websites with us:


One response to “New website links from Dr. Wansink

  1. We are off to a great start! My healthy tip for today: research is showing that sitting for hours (at work? reading books or blogs? television? …) is very bad, even if you do a ‘chunk’ of vigorous exercise all at once within the same day. So set an hourly alarm on your computer, phone, or pedometer to make you move around for 5 minutes every hour – your arteries and muscles will thank you for it!

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